Warlu Way

Warlu Way

This song explores The Warlu Way and follows the path of the Warlu, a dreamtime sea serpent, as it traverses North West Australia through the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia – ancient and sacred landscapes rich in natural beauty and enchanting Aboriginal stories. Your jourrney takes you back in time to the mystical dreaming era when the Warlu emerged from the sea and travelled through the pulsing red heart of the outback, forming magnificent waterways as he moved. Beginning on the shores of the world’s largest fringing reef, Ningaloo, the Warlu Way leads you 2,480 kilometres from sapphire seas to the lush oases, soaring gorges, rugged ranges and ancient Aboriginal art of North West Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Interpretive




The Karijini national park is situated in the heart of the Pilbara region, and it contains some of the most picturesque scenery in Australia. It is a very mystical place with a very contrasting landscape – rugged spinifex covered hills, flat grassy plains and deep gorges with crystal clear pools of cool water. It is the home to a myriad of animals with a select few found nowhere else in the world. One those animals are the tiny Western Peeble Mouse a tardy creature that was close to extinction ten years ago. We were once fortunate late one night to witness the mass migration of these mice as they crossed an outback road we were travelling along late at night. We watched in awe as the thousands of mice packed tightly together ran across the road ahead. Amazingly their flight resembled water flowing across the track. The song describes a typical Karijini day from dawn to dusk, and how nature influences the event.



Timeless Land

The Pilbara region has the oldest rock formations in the world, over billions of years many of the rocks have been worn away by ice, rain and the searing heat leaving ranges of flat top hills called ‘Mesa’s’ that stand high above the spinifex plains. When walking between these hills one cannot help but feel a sense of being in a timeless land.



Pilbara Moon

For those people who have spent any amount of time in the Pilbara, then I am sure that one of their most unforgettable memories would have been that of seeing a full ‘Pilbara Moon’. It’s a majestic sight especially watching it rise over the rugged landscape. The early construction workers on the Pilbara railways used to talk of its magical ability to make them feel closer to the land and that it was responsible for drawing past residents back to the Pilbara . This song tells the story of a group of construction workers who at the end of projects have found it hard to leave and then after a while they are drawn back to the Pilbara to work again.



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